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Well if getting my first present of Diabetes wasn't enough for the end of the year, the start of this year has given me the last thing I wanted the plague or COVID. Yes just as I was going to the doctor to finalize my diet and other bits and pieces.

This set me back at least one week but I have managed during the time prior to get my weight down by 9 Ks and eat and drink 100% better than before. The minimum of 10,000 steps has been a challenge due to my COVID and I will need to get back on the walking as soon as this has passed. I don't actually like exercise that isn't work. Seems so pointless to have your body needing so much attention but I will now have to live with doing more.

Having a flue like bug in your body is always a challenge for the lungs and this has been just as horrible as my last flue was not long ago. I am not sure if It was as powerful I might say. It can be hard to compare. I am now in day 5 and I feel like I am getting to the end of it so by the Sunday I can test again and hope to come out of isolation. Here's hoping..

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