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Diabetes For Christmas : Doctors Meeting Part 1

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

It was early December this year. I had gone to the doctor feeling tired and I was getting over the Flue, yes it was a flue. Also I just wasn't myself. You know when you just cant put your finger on it but something was was annoying. Prior to this visit I had tests done and all things came back from the pathology good and as far as this doctor was concerned I had a reasonable outcome although I was carrying at least 20kg's of extra weight. I am 5'6" in the old scale and 100kg"s. 8 years of of being off the tools (trade) had me driving a pencil more than a screwdriver not to mention 2 years on the COVID work from home plan which has crashed many a body and soul in Victoria. My doctor had me carry out some more of the same tests but this time he looked in different places of the blood and urine. Hmm. I wondered if this was because he just thought of this or maybe I had given better information. I was not real good at defining my troubles to doctors. After the tests had all been done he called me in having message sent to me to make an appointment to see him. This time he must have some different news as he never calls me in for general discussion. Fronting up as soon as I could I was called in to face the music. Thinking some cancer or maybe liver failure issue, or just to commend me on what a good specimen I was rattled in my head for a few seconds as I sat in his chair. He reached for some paperwork. Looking me in the eye he said "Chris, you have diabetes". I went to do the old look over my shoulder to see if anyone else was in the room named Chris but thought again. This was not in comical situation to make light of his words but it's how I normally deal with things. I usually make some remark to sooth my stupidity. "Ok, you sure" I muttered to him. a firm "YES". Here is the pathology results. Looking at them didn't help but humored me for a second until he took me through the information justifying and the numbers and medical words and terms that spelt out DIABETES. Ouch!

Where to next.

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