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As I left the doctors I started churn over all the people I knew who had diabetes and what they were doing to keep it under control. One friend is type one and I never knew until one day his sugar went haywire and I found out about the injections and what he needed to do daily. Hoped I was never in that situation. Well here I am but type 2. Is this real?

I went straight from the doctor in disbelief to the chemist. The pharmacist quizzed me on the dose and after I went back to pick up the tablets and what other measures had he spoken about. She ask me if I was going to see a dietician and when I said no her eyebrows raised and she frowned. Handing over the medication she explained he had put me on a high dose of 1000Mg of Metformin. I had never heard of it but now it's my keeper maybe forever.

Leaving the Pharmacy I felt disheartened by the lack of care by the doctor and the lack of any future meaningful discussions with, who I will call, doctor X.

At home I wanted to call the world and it what had just happened and why as I had been a good boy, or had I?

I needed another opinion

The next day my partner and I were going over the possibilities of going to a doctor "Y " for the other opinion. People do it all the time. I did it with many other things so why not medical. In America it is normal to do it but we here just believe anyone who has a degree. It wasn't that I didn't believe I had diabetes, I wanted to be sure he didn't jump the gun it on the lab results. They to can be all over the place. I made an appointment with a doctor all my children had seen 25 years ago. He is still in the same practice. He wasn't going to be back for some weeks so I was directed to another of the colleagues of his. Although doctor "Y" wasn't taking new patients he must of thought about it as he was told I was seeking a second opinion on diabetes and as he was a specialist in the field he would help me out. The appointment came and we went in. He sat us down and I handed over the lab results and the prescription for the metformin. Before looking at any documents he started asking questions. Before long he had me on the cough poking me and scratching my feet and asking if I felt this or that and weighing and measuring height, all the things my other doctor has never done nor ever will I expect. One prod of his fingers around my liver made me yelp. Then he looked at the lab results. Tossing the prescription in the bin he immediately drew up a new one for half the strength. "You are just on the edge of having diabetes but you do have it". This was not the answer I was looking for. I thought he was going to look at the results and drop them in the bin along with the prescription. He went on to tell me along with everything my liver is also inflamed and probably fatty. Most people do not realize they have an issue with their organs until something happens like this. I suggest it might pay to have an ultrasound of them every ten years. Would it help? Would not hurt to.

He scribbled out the path to the lab again and to get an ultrasound and to see a dietician. This was what the chemist said. Hmm. I thinks I have the right GP.

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