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The doctor was solid when he said "you are 20Kgs over weight for your height. Get busy walking is the best advice I give to you"! I explained I love to swim and...….."does bugger all for losing weight unless you swim in a squad like I do but it still doesn't make you lose weight like walking does". I was a little shocked but It was the cheapest and the most at hand thing to do. Put on runners and go outside and off you go. It's not that I didn't walk but I didn't do it consistently enough to make it work for me. I needed to push a little, not to much, just get a slight pant to come from the mouth. Losing weight come from breathing out and not sweating, thanks to Dr Karl on JJJ, which I never knew so the more puffing we do the more we exhale our fat. Easy way to put it but it's all about the ease just walking. I have now done just over a week and in the short time of getting out every day for one hour, I have come to except that I need to get more physical since I mainly drive a desk. As I am close to turning 60 I think if I don't want to have this snapping at my heels all of the rest of my life then I am going to make it work.



Doctor "Y" sat back after he talked about the next visits I needed and the personnel he was mustering to get me back on track. "You can fix this by eating your way to ridding yourself of it forever". I was surprised. Doesn't everyone stay on meds? Apparently the lucky ones have type 2 and mostly can reverse the condition but it is under a good dietician that can get you on the right track.

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